Rep. Valarie Hodges

As your State Representative, it is a tremendous honor to make the needs of the people of District 64 my highest priority.

Flooding, lower taxes, education, and jobs are such real issues for all of us. The Comite River Diversion Canal is well underway, and my commitment is to see it finished! I will continue the fight for the Darlington Reservoir flood mitigation projects, which would alleviate most all of the flooding problems. I have stood for our community and our needs time and time again and will continue to do so.

You give me courage and strength to stand for what is right because of your encouragement, prayers, and support.


Thank you and God Bless,
Valarie Hodges


November 16, 2019 polls will open!!!

Aristotle defined the root word for politics …polls – a community defined by its common understanding of and commitment to the good life. Voting is a way of telling our community that we desire to do what it takes to work toward that good life. Please cast your vote this Saturday!!!! We all want the good life. You can use the below app to vote from your iPhone

Congratulations Senator J. Rogers Pope

Congratulations!!! Senator Pope- Thank you for all you have done for Livingston Parish in District 71 as well as our state. I appreciate your heart felt gratitude and I am looking forward to working with you as you continue to serve our great state in your new service to Senate District 13… Friends, Supporters and Constituents of State Senate District 13– I sincerely thank you for all you have done to help me over the past several months run this race for State Senate. […]

Eddie Responie

Edward Rispone, is a lifelong Louisianan, avid outdoorsman, and Christian conservative candidate for Governor. Eddie loves Louisiana. Guided by his faith, family, and the blessing of God in his life, Eddie feels called to give back to the state that has given so much to him. Eddie is not a career politician. Eddie is a successful entrepreneur, business executive, and conservative outsider who has the experience and expertise to move our state forward. Eddie grew up in a blue collar family of nine in […]


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