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2019 Session Recap

2019 Session Updates

I went into session this year with the following intentions:

  • Resolve and protect our communities from flooding.
  • Protect our resources from benefiting those who don’t deserve them
  • Protect the vulnerable among us
  • I offered HB140, protecting officers and people who enforce the laws from being targeted by hate crimes. I withdrew this in committee for further discussion.
  • HB245 was the anti BDS legislation. This was putting into statute the executive Israel order part of the Boycott Israel movement. Israel is a valuable ally to Louisiana and the US.
  • HB530 would have deterred the theft of our LA tax dollars by requiring that the taxpayer certify in the filing process that the dependent they are claiming actually does qualify as a legal citizen of Louisiana. It really is time that we protect those dollars that you work hard for rather than just asking for more.
  • HB556 offered a sales tax rebate on the costs incurred for raising new homes to above the flood levels.
  • HB558 created a statewide flood control plan. Water is a good thing in Louisiana. We fish, boat, swim, and enjoy all kinds of recreational activities on the water in Louisiana. We need to foresee and prepare for when it gets out of hand. There are ways to channel the excessive water without causing havoc in other areas of the state while protecting problem areas. This legislation allows the experts on all levels to come to the table together to accomplish that.
  • I also offered resolutions to request funding for the Darlington Reservoir from the additional protection funds provided from the Restore dollars and another resolution to change the name of the task force from the Comite River Diversion Canal to include the surrounding threats from the Amite River to the Amite River Basin Task Force.
  • I was honored to present Senator Milkovich’s SB184 Heartbeat Bill on the house floor. This was huge for our state and though it is pending the federal court rulings on the MS legislation, in the event that Roe vs Wade is repealed, the term of life beginning is finally determined in our state.
  • I opposed other legislation that set an age limit for marriage in our state. It is the parent’s decision when a child is mature enough to take a husband or wife.
  • I opposed the legislation that was offered concerning the custody of children. In a perfect world, every parent would have the best interest of their child as a priority. Unfortunately, more and more we have grandparents and other family members who are caring for children while the parents are not able. I appreciate those family members rather than an overburdened foster care system or unfit parent retaining custody of our children.

I appreciate your responses to the survey we sent out early in this session so as to gauge your sentiments aligned with mine. We will be sending a post session survey and would appreciate your feedback on that as well.

I have served you this session on the Appropriations Committee, the Administration of Criminal Justice Committee, Judiciary Committee, Joint Legislative Committee on Budget.


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