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Edward Rispone, is a lifelong Louisianan, avid outdoorsman, and Christian conservative candidate for Governor. Eddie loves Louisiana. Guided by his faith, family, and the blessing of God in his life, Eddie feels called to give back to the state that has given so much to him. Eddie is not a career politician. Eddie is a successful entrepreneur, business executive, and conservative outsider who has the experience and expertise to move our state forward.

Eddie grew up in a blue collar family of nine in North Baton Rouge. Early on, Eddie learned about faith, family, and personal responsibility. Eddie was raised with a strong work ethic and solid family values—he is pro-life, pro-family, and pro-Second Amendment. He knew that anything he wanted in life would only be achieved through hard work. Eddie began working construction with his older brother Sammy at age 15, a passion that would stay with him for decades.

Rispone received a Catholic education from Redemptorist High School, where he was a standout student athlete, earning all-state honors in football. Eddie is a graduate of LSU, holding a Bachelor of Science in Construction Technology.

In 1989, Eddie and his brother Jerry founded ISC Constructors. Under their leadership, ISC has grown into one of the largest specialty contractors in the United States with annual revenues of approximately $350 million and employing over 3,000 families. ISC is a nationally recognized job creator earning the prestigious Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) Excellence in Construction National Project of the Year Award 34 times.

Eddie Rispone has had a considerable impact on the construction and business industries across Louisiana and the US. A proven job creator, Eddie is a staunch advocate for workforce development, limited government, lowering taxes, and reducing the burdens to do business in Louisiana. He’s been actively involved with Associated Builders & Contractors (ABC) for over 30 years on a local, state and national level. He served as the 2003 ABC National Chairman and as the President of the Pelican Chapter in 1996.

Eddie knows what it takes to create jobs. In 2005, he spearheaded the Louisiana Craft Workforce Development Board which developed comprehensive recommendations to address the shortage of craftspersons in Louisiana. Later, Eddie was appointed to serve as Chairman of the Louisiana Workforce Investment Council, where he advised the governor on the needs of Louisiana’s employers and its workforce.

Eddie and his wife, Linda, have been vocal advocates for educational opportunities for all of Louisiana’s children. In 2011, Eddie became chairman of the Louisiana Federation for Children, a project of the American Federation for Children whose main purpose is to improve publicly-funded education. Eddie stands with our children and believes parents should have the freedom to choose what is best for their child.

Eddie Rispone has been married to Linda Lemoine Rispone for 13 years and was previously married for 35 years to the late Phyllis Moberley. He and Linda were both widowed. Between them, they have seven children and 24 grandchildren.

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