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In 2014, I formed the Comite River Diversion Canal (CRDC) Project Task Force (HCR51), which I chair. The CRDC Project is a vital component of a comprehensive flood plain management plan of the Amite River Basin to protect the Metro Baton Rouge area, which is inclusive of Livingston Parish, from catastrophic flooding. The purpose of this task force is to investigate why the project had stalled and I have been successful in getting it moving again. Since the historic flood in August 2016, the fourth largest natural disaster ($8 billion) in U. S. history, I have fortified my commitment to see the CRDC Project completed. On April 15, 2019 a groundbreaking ceremony was held to signify the start of the construction of CRDC Project.

After the 2016 flood when other avenues of mitigation began to look promising, the area was expanded to include the entire Amite River Basin. Through legislation the name was changed in 2019 to the Amite River Basin Task Force,

There are five main components we are focusing on in 2019. The Comite Diversion Canal, EBR Flood Control, Amite River Ecosystem, Bayou Manchac, and the Darlington Reservoir that has been abandoned yet again. I believe with the completion of the Comite River Diversion Canal and the Darlington Reservoir; our immediate area flooding worries will be a thing of the past.


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