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Nov 08, 2016
Election Day
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Bills to Protect Children Pass House
Rep. Hodges is excited to announce the passage of HB 719 and HB 171 from the House chamber. These bills passed unanimously out of committee and the House floor. 

HB 719 provides options for parents and foster parents who seek to ride with their child from a hospital to a treatment facility when a child is under a Physician Emergency Certificate. Children are often fearful of riding in the back of a peace officer's vehicle or ambulance on route to the facility and often request riding with their parent and foster parent.

HB 171 protects newborn children from entering a scenario where a parent may not be familiar with the dangers of shaking their child. Children who are shaken sometimes by accident can suffer sever head trauma, resulting in long term disabilities and even death. This Shaken Baby Syndrome affects nearly 1,300 children annually. Once the bill is signed, DHH will  provide useful information to parents at the hospital after the child is born.

Rep. Hodges stated, "I pledge to continue to work diligently to protect the children and families of District 64. Thank you!"