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Pro-life and Pro-Family

Pro-Life and Pro-Family

The reason Americans enter into the government is to have our life, liberty and property protected. But how can we say that our government protects life when we aren’t fully protecting the lives of the unborn? I am 100% pro-life and will fight for stricter legislation to protect the lives of children.


In 2019 I was honored to present Senator Milkovich’s SB184 Heartbeat Bill on the house floor. This was huge for our state and though it is pending the federal court rulings on the MS legislation, in the event that Roe vs Wade is repealed, the term of the beginning of life will be determined in our state.


In 2019, I opposed other legislation that set an age limit for marriage in our state. It is the parent’s decision when a child is mature enough to take a husband or wife.

I also opposed the legislation that was offered concerning the custody of children. In a perfect world, every parent would have the best interest of their child as a priority. Unfortunately, more and more we have grandparents and other family members who are caring for children while the parents are not able. I appreciate those family members rather than an overburdened foster care system or unfit parent retaining custody of our children.

I am also an advocate for traditional marriage between a man and a woman.


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